Our Research And Findings

Our Survey

Survey Administration

  • Conducted 2017-2019

  • 9 schools

  • 424 student surveys (grades 9-12)

  • 70 adult surveys (administrators, teachers, and staff)

  • 494 total surveys

  • Surveys represented geographically, racially, and socioeconomically diverse experiences across NYC DOE


3 Overarching Themes

1. Most students are aware of racial segregation in schools

2. Most students feel that their race plays a role in the degree to which they're supported by staff

3. Most students notice that students of color are more harshly punished than their counterparts

8 Key Findings

  1. Students in high achieving schools generally felt an overwhelming pressure to succeed

  2. Students at "elite" schools generally felt the schooling system works well

  3. White students generally felt they were treated fairly

  4. Students attending predominantly White schools generally viewed disproportionality as the result of individual failure

  5. Black, Latinx, and Muslim students generally felt isolated at predominantly White and Asian schools

  6. Students in predominantly Black and Latinx schools generally did not have a favorable schooling experience

  7. The absence of teachers of color generally impacted the schooling experience for students and staff

  8. Students generally wanted “diversity” in their schools