Meet the Team

The 2022-2023 SEE team comprises of 34 students from 17 NYC schools.

Student Members

Madison D.

Olivia R.

Shirley L.

Noelani J.

Allyson G.

Shady K.

Lassine T.

Youth Partner Facilitators

The YPFs for SEE are responsible for planning and facilitating bi-weekly meetings. YPFs will collaborate to develop the SEE curriculum for the year. Additionally YPFs will reflect, debrief and make adjustments after every SEE meeting.

Sikirat Mustapha

Youth Trainers

Youth trainers are responsible for planning and facilitating training for school communities across the city. Training topics include: Authentic Youth-Adult Partnerships, Restorative Practice, and Youth-Adult Equity Teams.

Fatoumata T.

Youth-Adult Partnership Consultants 

Olufunke Abiona

Toushi Karim

Adult Partners

SEE adult partners are responsible for co-facilitating meetings with YPFs, planning group events and activities, and collecting and disseminating resources. 

La'Chelle Gaillard

Ari Sussman

Heather Case