What We Do

Group Sessions

We meet 2x/month including after school sessions and school day inter-visitations.

  • Build community

  • Learn current and historical context around disproportionality

  • Develop leadership skills

  • Peer exchange and consultation

Youth-Adult Infrastructure & Inquiry


  • explore school inner-workings

  • design/conduct/analyze school assessment

  • develop targeted campaign

  • act >> monitor >> revise

  • present

  • celebrate


  • youth leadership council

  • youth-adult equity team

  • town hall meetings

Quality Review Student Shadowing Partnership

The NYC DOE's Quality Review (QR) process involves a 2-day visit by an experienced educator who examines how well a school is organized to support student learning and teacher practice.

QR Student Shadows accompany reviewers on a day of meetings and classroom visits for the purpose of studying equity in schools, learning how schools are evaluated, and providing feedback on the process.

The 5 Student Shadows selected attend an intro session and prep with reviewers before their reviews and present findings as a group to the QR team afterwards.

Supportive Environment Framework Partnership

SEE participants are helping to pilot NYC DOE's new Supportive Environment Framework (SEF) by using it as a tool for school assessment and improvement with their school equity teams and providing feedback on the SEF to the Division of School Climate and Wellness.


  1. inform the content of the SEF by injecting student voice

  2. promote youth-adult walkthroughs using the SEF

  3. share products of youth-led inquiry citywide

Youth Summit

Every June ("Chancellor's PD Day"), the Students and Educators for Equity (SEE) and Youth Restorative Justice (YRJ) teams host an annual Youth Summit. The convening brings together a collective of student voices to highlight the effects of disproportionality on students, while providing best practices to address and dismantle disproportionality, in order to foster more inclusive, humanizing, and critical learning environments for all members of our school communities. The event features student-led: workshops, keynotes, panels, performances, resource fair, etc.

College Now

Through a partnership with the College Now Program at Queens College, SEE has been accredited as a college-level course, “Education for Social Justice,” in the Department of Secondary Education and Youth Services.

For no fee, enrolled students are eligible to earn a college credit that is transferable to any CUNY, SUNY, or private college.

Students examine and practice ways to engage their communities in collective inquiry toward social change and educational justice through youth participatory action research (YPAR), and a variety of modes of expression – from academic research and presentation to critical traditions (spoken word, hip hop, and digital/social media).